Epson’s New Ultra Glossy Photo Paper

A new high gloss paper in A4 and 4″x6″ paper sizes.
Epson has released a new Ultra Glossy Photo Paper that is 30% glossier than their Premium Glossy Photo Paper. Epson claim it reaches the same gloss level as traditional silver halide prints and I must say it seems to.

In the tests I have done the paper shows an extremely high gloss and great color accuracy. It transports well and is backprinted so you know which side to print on, not that this is an issue with this paper as it is so obvious. The paper weight of 250gsm gives it a good feel. I made both monochrome and color prints and was very pleased with both.

This is a good paper and if you like the glossy look to photos you will love it. It is currently only available in A4 and 4″x6″ size packs, but since it is compatible with the R1800 I would expect A3+ size packs eventually.

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