FujiFilm S9500 Digital Camera Image Noise Tests at Night

We test the S9500 by night
We test the FujiFilm S9500 digital camera for image noise in nighttime lighting.

The RAW files for these images are available on the special digital camera section of the site for download, so that you can examine the images yourself.

images were shot at a focal
length of 25mm (actual, 112mm in 35mm equivalent terms) in Manual mode,
and with the starting exposure (80ISO) of 10 seconds @f3.8. The 400ISO and 1600ISO images were shot at an exposure time of 4 seconds. Since
these were noise tests it was not felt necessary to keep the aperture

The JPEG images below are 100% crops of the center part of the image and were prepared by converting the
RAW files to  JPEGs in Photoshop.

FujiFilm S9500 Camera Image Noise Tests

FujiFilm S9500 Camera Image Noise Tests

FujiFilm S9500 Camera Image Noise Tests

Mirroring the daytime shots, noise is well controlled at 80ISO, strong at 400ISO and unacceptable at 1600ISO.

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