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Infrared Photography at Digital ImageMaker

We are passionate about infrared photography, both digital and analog, and with both specially converted digital cameras and will normal digital cameras, including infrared landscape, portraiture, abstract, pinhole and fine art photography.

Infrared Beginners

For those new to infrared photography we have a great series of articles that will help you to get going with digital infrared, both at the shooting end and at the processing and use end of the process. We explain how it works, how different subjects will respond when shot in infrared, exactly what gear you need to do it (not that much) and how to make sensible choices over filters, lenses and more. We also cover the common faults and how to overcome them.

Camera Conversion

Camera conversion involves removing the IR blocking filter most digital cameras have and replacing this with either clear glass or a visible light blocking/infrared light transmitting filter, like the Hoya R-72. In this series of articles we discuss not only why you might want to do this but also the sort of photography you can do with a converted camera, plus details of the processing of the resulting images.

Infrared Techniques

This series of articles covers a range of techniques and approaches, how to tackle particular types of subject and more. We cover image processing in Photoshop and other programs, cover RAW processing and more.

Profiles, Interviews and Exhibition Reviews of Infrared Photography

In this section we profile the work of photographers who specialise in infrared, review bodies of work and infrared exhibitions and interview photographers.

Infrared Camera Reviews and More

We review digital cameras for their suitability for infrared photography. We also provide RAW files from each of the cameras we test so that you have somethign to practice software techniques on and so you can examine the image quality from a particular camera of interest to you.


Analog infrared photography is covered over on our companion An ImageMaker site.

Fine Art Photography now has its own section of DIMi.

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