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Digital ImageMaker’s Profiles and Exhibition Reviews of Infrared Photographer’s Work

Here we profile photographers doing great infrared photography, review work and exhibitions and more. If you would like your work profiled here email us at dimi at(@)

We’ll be rolling out profiles of photographers who make a special focus on infrared photography soon.

For some great examples of digital infrared, see the winner and runners up in the December infrared competition.

January winner and finalists.

February winner and finalists, plus grand prize winner.

Galleries of all the finalists

Keep Observant – Shooting Skywriting in Infrared

Today I wandered outside and offset against a pure blue sky was skywriting being done. Now I could have just looked at it and gone back inside, but I naturally grabbed a camera instead.

The camera I grabbed was my 350D that was converted for infrared photography and my 100-400 f5.6 IS L-series lens. The resulting images, some of which are below, were shot at various stages of the skywriting and sometime afterwards as it started to dissipate.

Shooting Infrared at Hanging Rock

A day out shooting at Hanging Rock with my infrared converted Canon 350D camera Hanging Rock is an amazing place.

Sydney in Infrared

Recently I was in Sydney for an Autodesk press event and since I had the afternoon free before my flight back to Melbourne I went out shooting with my converted (by Canon 350D.

Autumn (Downunder) in Infrared

It is autumn in Australia and I was curious to see how the landscape would render in infrared.

More Infrared from Macedon Area

I do love infrared photography. So when testing other cameras I still had my IR camera handy.

January Infrared Photography of the Australian Landscape

While in Central Victoria I shot some more infrared landscape images.

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