July 2006 Site Award – Liquid Sculpture by Martin Waugh

Site liquidesculpture.com showcases some amazing high-speed photography of liquid droplets and splashes.
Liquid Sculpture by Martin Waugh

Martin Waugh is a scientist by training and a high-speed photographer by passion. Martin’s website, www.liquidsculpture.com, showcases his images. Martin’s passion is the photography of drops of liquid splashing when they hit another liquid. Using high-speed flash techniques he is able to freeze the drops and splashes in mid-flight. Using colored lighting and adjusted liquids Martin is able to create the most colorful and bewitching images.

Liquid Sculpture by Martin Waugh

The website is a joy to use. The site is simply designed and has a lovely spacious feeling that enhances the strange calm of the images. Though image heavy, it loads quickly and navigation is simplicity itself.

All-round, this is a sublime site with amazing images that are a joy to behold. Congratulations Martin on a wonderful website and amazing work.

View the site at http://www.liquidsculpture.com

Wayne J. Cosshall

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