July 2006 Site Award – Love-Peace-Happiness by Satoshi

Site love-peace-happiness.com showcases digital artwork that is a mix of many photographs and hand painted elements.
Satoshi Matsuyama

Satoshi “Satobo” Matsuyama went from a passion for jazz and Gospel music to an equal passion for creating digital images out of up to 200 individual images and a lot of hand-painted (using a graphics tablet) elements. The results are very large images (20 to 30GB files in Photoshop and 2 to 3GB printing files), and over 80 inch long prints onto canvas. Satoshi uses a Canon 1Ds Mark II camera and a Canon W8400 44-inch wide large format printer to produce the work. The Photoshop work is done on a Mac.

Satoshi Matsuyama

The resulting images are amazing. Even viewed on the web there is an impressive feeling of crispness and detail. There is a great mix of light and dark areas throughout the work. Indeed because of the technique used to create them, they have quite a HDR (high dynamic range) look to them. Thoughtfully Satoshi provides closeup sections of many of the works, so you can get a feel for the detail, and even includes occasionally a diagram showing how an image was constructed from mathematical principles.

Satoshi Matsuyama

The website is clean and easy to find your way around. The site even starts with a splash page that I do not, in this case, mind. Whilst I am not over keen on reading of lot of white on black text, it works well here are there is not that much text to look at. Artwork is organized into four (currently) galleries.

This is an excellent site with stunning artwork. Congratulations Satoshi on a wonderful website and amazing work.

Visit the website at http://www.love-peace-happiness.com

Wayne J. Cosshall

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