Lensbaby Sponsored Selective Blur Photography Competition Winner and Finalists

An amazingly difficult competition to judge has been finally decided.
The Lensbaby selective blur competition proved to be very difficult indeed to judge. Not only was there a large quantity of amazingly good work, but when it came to judging it we discovered there were enough different things to look for in blur images that the judges started off all looking for different things. Eventually we sorted this out and got down to a half dozen great images. One image stood out from these.

The winning entry is Tuscan Summer by C. David Tobie. This struck us as not only a very effective use of blur but also one in which the blur has assisted in making an iconic image. Congratulations to David,


You can view all the finalists in the Lensbaby Competition here.
This link will take you off of the DIMi site to a photo gallery where you can explore all the finalists individually or through a slideshow.

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