NaturalMotion Releases Free endorphin Learning Edition

Unrestricted Access to Award-winning 3D Character Animation Software Normally Priced at $12,795 USMSRP
Press Release


NaturalMotion Ltd., the developers of breakthrough 3D animation
technology based on Dynamic Motion Synthesis (DMS), today announced the
immediate availability of the company’s free endorphin Learning Edition
(eLE). Based on the award-winning 3D character animation software
endorphin 2.0, the eLE has no time restrictions, includes all relevant
product documentation, and offers a comprehensive support network via
the company’s endorphin forum. The software is fully functional;
however, it is motion file export disabled and is not to be used for
commercial production. The eLE is available now through NaturalMotion’s
Web site at


Used by leading production and animation companies such as The Mill,
Sony Computer Entertainment, Namco and Moving Picture Company,
endorphin is the only character animation software to utilize DMS, a
technology based on artificial intelligence controllers that imitate
the human nervous system. Unlike conventional animation techniques such
as keyframing or motion capture, endorphin’s DMS technology uses the
CPU to simulate the brain and body of 3D characters, which allows
animators to synthesize human movements in real time. This approach
produces directed and fully-interactive 3D characters that essentially
animate themselves with real-life movements that are unique every time;
thus dramatically reducing animation asset production time.


“endorphin provides an entirely new approach to 3D character animation
that will significantly impact how 3D characters are animated in the
future,” said Torsten Reil, CEO of NaturalMotion. “With the
availability of a free eLE, animators will have the opportunity to
educate themselves on endorphin’s unique DMS technology and develop a
valuable skill set for the high-end industry. Equally, smaller
animation studios can evaluate the software at their own pace, and have
the option to rent endorphin 2.0 on a monthly basis, for maximum


The eLE contains all of the same features found in endorphin 2.0,
including: multi-layer behaviors; enhanced adaptive behaviors; an
intuitive GUI (including layered behavior support on the timeline); and
support for the Avid® Alienbrain® Studio asset management and Perforce
software configuration management systems.


Pricing and Availability

NaturalMotion’s eLE is available free of charge directly from the company’s Web site at,
and includes relevant product documentation and a comprehensive user
support network via the endorphin forum. The eLE has no time
limitations; the software is motion file export disabled and is not to
be used for commercial production. The eLE is also available on 3D
World magazine’s issue 68 cover disc.


The full version of endorphin 2.0 retails at USD $12,795. eLE users
also have the option to rent the software on a monthly basis for USD


About NaturalMotion

NaturalMotion Ltd. is the first company to create 3D character
animation software (endorphin) based on Dynamic Motion Synthesis (DMS),
a technology that utilizes Adaptive Behaviors and artificial
intelligence to simulate the human-nervous system. Based on Oxford
University research on the control of body movements, endorphin
synthesizes 3D characters in real time. A breakthrough in 3D character
animation, this process allows animation to be created much faster than
conventional methods; thus significantly reducing asset production time
and costs. With customers such as Sony Europe, Sony America, Moving
Picture Company, The Mill, Namco, Konami, Rainbow Studios and Tigar
Hare, endorphin is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for today’s
leading visual effects artists creating high-end animation. For further
information please visit NaturalMotion’s Web site


© endorphin and Dynamic Motion Synthesis are trademarks of NaturalMotion Ltd.

All other brand names, product names, service marks or trademarks belong to their respective holders.

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