Visualize special print finishes, like embossing and foils

Colour Confidence to distribute PrintDevizor to the design, print and repro markets Revolutionary new print finish visualisation software
Press Release

View the difference between standard print and other finishes such as embossing or spot UV, all in a 3D environment.

Rotate models 360 degrees into light and shade, demonstrating appearance when printed

Birmingham, UK, July 20 2005, Colour Confidence, the leading
independent colour management specialists, have today announced their
appointment by Stonecube as the distributor of PrintDevizor to the
design, print and repro markets. PrintDevizor is a print finish
visualiser; by allowing the user to view standard print, special inks
and decorative finishes in realistic 3D environments with true lighting
conditions, it removes the guesswork from decisions on the use of
differing printing and effects. PrintDevizor is the ideal software
package for anyone who is competing for attention using innovative
print, and is available as a free 30 day trial or to buy from

“Colour Confidence provides PrintDevizor with the best possible route
into the design, print and repro markets. They are Independent
specialists, so when they recommend a new product such as PrintDevizor
the market takes notice,” commented Martin Coulthard, CEO, Stonecube.
“We are delighted to be working with Colour Confidence to help educate
the market about PrintDevizor.”

PrintDevizor has the ability to:

  • Create print models by choosing a substrate and applying multiple
    print effects and finishes, using images from standard creative
    software as masks
  • Produce realistic print models in just a few minutes. There is no lengthy modelling, animating, rendering or scene lighting
  • View your print concept in true lighting, with the ability to rotate 360 degrees, zoom and alter the viewpoint
  • Adjust your design to look great in different environments
  • Stretch creativity by giving designers the opportunity to see the effects of an idea
  • Give outstanding presentations and pitches to clients
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises when the print job comes back from the printer
  • Produce output as emailable images, animations and interactive
    QuickTime VR views, meaning the recipient and user gain the full
    benefit of PrintDevizor’s capabilities
  • Communicate your designs quickly and clearly to colleagues, clients and printers
  • Quickly produce high-resolution pack shots to use in printed collateral and catalogues, saving time and money on photography
  • Build highly effective websites and CD catalogues including realistic interactive views

“PrintDevizor is a fantastic addition to our product range. Graphic
designers are coming to us to ensure that their images are correct and
while we have been able to deal with their colour concerns, this
product gives us another string to our bow when dealing with more
complex design issues.” commented Simon Prais, Technical Director,
Colour Confidence, “PrintDevizor removes the need for complex 3D CAD
modelling and has maintained an ease of use and intuitiveness that
would not be expected of such an advanced product.”

Minimum System Requirements

Macintosh OS X 10.3 or later, PowerMac G4 (ATI Radeon 9800 ProMac Edition); PowerMac G5; iMac G5; 2004 PowerBook G4.

Windows XP or 2000; 1Ghz Pentium 4, 256MB RAM. A suitable 3D graphics
card – must be DirectX 9 class with at least 64MB VRAM (128MB
recommended); NVDIA: GeForce FX5200 or better (5900 recommended); ATI:
Radeon 9600 or better.

About Colour Confidence

Colour Confidence is the dedicated colour management division of
TypeMaker Ltd which has been offering colour management solutions since
1995. From its inception, Colour Confidence has been at the forefront
of the colour management market, offering education, product solutions
and expert consultancy services to a diverse cross-section of users
including digital photographers, labs, graphic designers, printers and
publishers, and IT departments of multi-national enterprises.

In addition to its expanding reseller network, Colour Confidence’s
online store offers the widest range of colour management solutions
anywhere on the Internet or high street. As well as Colour Confidence’s
innovative product range, solutions from ColorVision, EFI, EIZO,
Fixerlabs, GretagMacbeth, Just Normlicht, Kodak, Monaco, Pantone,
PictoColor, Praxisoft and X-Rite are all available from

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