Nikon D70s Digital Camera IR Performance

Infrared test.
The Nikon D70s digital camera is a truly lovely dSLR to work with and offers 6MP performance with plenty of features to appeal to the dSLR purchaser.

Its IR performance is very good, with fast exposure times, the shots here being taken at 1/30 second at f3.5 (and other shutter speed/aperture combinations) and 200ISO in strong sunlight. Noise is very low at 200ISO in IR, even in the blue channel.

This is a very capable camera for IR and I will update this article after some further testing. I should add the camera is all round a joy to use.

The RAW image

Greyscale converted

Another image, the RED channel



The following are 100% sections of an image, unprocessed:




Another image

And another

And another

Another, the RED channel only

The GREEN, unprocessed

The GREEN channel after levels

The BLUE channel unprocessed

The BLUE channel after levels

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