Olympus C-7070 Digital Camera Noise Tests

Noise tests on the Olympus C-7070 camera and provide the RAW files for you to download to examine yourself
The Olympus C-7070 is a very nice camera with good image quality and great handling. Its major let down is that is it quite slow writing RAW files (ORF) to memory card, with your shooting stopped while it does so.

To assess the noise quality we took shots at each ISO setting in daylight conditions. On the special camera section of this site you will find the RAW files for these images so that you can download them and inspect them yourself if you wish. They are the RAW, unprocessed images straight as the camera saved them

The shots below are minimal compression JPEGs of the center sections of these images, for those who cannot or choose not to view the RAW files:

C-7070 noise test image

C-7070 image noise test

C-7070 noise test image

C-7070 noise test image

As you can see, noise is quite well controlled, though not invisible, at 80ISo and 100ISO, but becomes noticable at 200ISO and quite noticable at 400ISO.

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