Olympus E-330 Digital Camera IR Performance Part 1

Infrared test
Note – a late preproduction camera was used for these tests. As soon as I can get a full production model I will repeat them to determine if there is any difference. I do not expect there to be any significant difference in this case, but there could be.

The Olympus E-330 digital camera has been awaited by many in the hope that its live display on the LCD would be an aid to IR photography. Sadly this is not the case, with the live preview not working with a Hoya R72 IR filter threaded on the camera. It also has a very strong IR blocking filter, as full sun exposures were around 15 seconds at F4.2 and 100ISO.


Color image straight from the camera

Red channel

Green channel

Blue channel

100% sections from each channel




Overall image quality is decent and the camera is capable of producing some very lovely images.

See Part 2 of this article for 100% detail sections at varying ISO settings of the Olympus E-330 digital camera.

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