Pentax and Samsung to Parner on dSLR Market

Samsung Techwin reaches an agreement with Pentax to jointly develop interchangeable lens D-SLR Camerasrn
Samsung Techwin ( CEO Lee Joong-Koo , has announced an agreement with Pentax to co-develop interchangeable lens D-SLR Cameras. Samsung Techwin will actively penetrate into interchangeable D-SLR market.

– The joint development of interchangeable lens D-SLR between Samsung Techwin and Pentax is based on sharing its respective competencies and will be ideal relationship by complementary cooperation and intensifying advantages.

– Samsung Techwin holds superb digital image processing technologies, digital convergence technologies, marketing know-how and world wide brand recognition among digital appliances consumers. Pentax possesses wide ranges of high-performance interchangeable lens as well as cutting edge technologies for high precision cameras from its more than 50 years history of developing interchangeable lens D-SLR Cameras. Joint Development between Samsung Techwin and Pentax will exercise a great influence on digital camera industries.    

– Both partners plan to expand its collaboration in Digital Camera market actively by sharing their intensified advantages and developing new technologies. 

– It is estimated that world-wide digital camera market will continue its growth with the unit sales of 82 million for current year and 89 million for next year. D-SLR market growth rate will exceed over overall digital camera’s with the 4.2 million unit sales for this year and 5.7 million unit sales for next year.    

– Samsung Techwin announced its vision of “becoming top-class Digital Camera manufacturers by year 2007 ” last May, 2005. Samsung Techwin set up the sales goals of 2.5 million for 2004 , 4.5 million for 2005, 8 million for 2006 and 12 million for 2007 and has increased its market share continuously through the launch of innovative products and active marketing efforts.

– Market researchers estimate that Korean market will reach 1.7 million for this year and 2 million for next year.The interchangeable D-SLR market is estimated to have market size of 100,000 units for present year.

– According to the market report, Samsung Techwin maintains its No. 1 market share in its domestic market up to 3rd quarter. Samsung Techwin will strengthen its market leadership by providing variety of line-ups and high quality services to its customers.

– Pro 815, a recently launched high-end camera ,is receiving full attention and interest. Rush of orders from both overseas and domestic markets proves that Pro 815 will become a Hit Product in the near future.

– Samsung Techwin will expand its product line-up up to interchangeable D-SLR cameras with the partnership agreement with Pentax, followed by high-end camera, Pro 815. Samsung Techwin will put all its efforts to accelerate its market penetration armed with full line-up of existing compact, high-end cameras and interchangeable D-SLR Cameras. 

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