Photoshop Forum with Competitions and Prizes

A Photoshop forum with monthly competitions with real prizes.
This is just to let you know of a Photoshop forum that may be of interest to you.

There are many “Professional” Photoshop users that frequent the forum. Some have links to their sites and some are PS authors, instructors, etc. They (along with others in the group) are more than willing to answer your Photoshop questions.

If you are interested in a group with over 4000 members worldwide; that has monthly contests (utilizing Photoshop of course) and great prizes from many vendors then this is the place to go.  Each member gets a vote for the contest entry of their choice.

The link to the (Yahoo Group) forum is

The members vote on their favorite entries via

So stop by both links and have a look. Registration and contest entries are of course free.

You’ll find me hanging out there too.

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