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  1. Dear colleague:

    I am ecologist and I work with Forest. I am testing with the combination of infrared and real photography to determine photosynthetic activity. Results are excellent. It is possible determine in what plants photosynthesis is more active. However, I am looking to determine the wavelengths of light in different areas of the forest. The problem is obviously the transition between RGB and real wavelengths. I am not expert but I am reading about this questions and I extract the following method for your considerations:

    1- I split RGB image in the basic colors.
    2- I split the same image using HSV decomposition of GIMP
    3- I divide each pixel of RGB by its luminosity obtaining chroma
    4- Combine again the three transformed colors

    The question is: Is this similar to real wavelengths?

    Is there other method of analysis of wavelenghts?

    Is possible to use the software UFRAW or similar to realize these transformation by linearization of the color curves?

    I only need an approximation to real colors in wavelengths.

    I hope your useful comments. Many thanks.

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