Podcast Solutions

The Complete Guide to Podcasting
Podcast Solutions
The Complete Guide to Podcasting
By Michael W Geoghehan and Dan Klass
Friends of Ed, 2005
ISBN: 1 59059 554 8

Podcast Solutions

This is an amazing book. Yes, I have said that up front. It is a one-stop guide to podcasting, the phenomenon of webcasting of audio programs that has revolutionized radio, business, marketing and the sharing of information on the Internet.

The 240 pages of this book are divided into the following chapters:
*    Podcasting 101
*    Listening to Podcasts
*    Podcasting How-To
*    Planning your Podcast
*    Podcasting Tools
*    Recording your Podcast
*    Putting It All Together
*    Preparing Your File
*    Serving It Up
*    Getting Heard
*    Making Money with Podcasting
*    Glossary
*    Podcasting Resources at a Glance

This single book may not turn you into a podcasting expert but it will get you well on the way to producing effective and quality podcasts and delivering them in an appropriate way. The authors are experts and it shows in their advice, which is full of practical, experience-based information.

The book takes you through every stage and aspect of podcasting. This includes why you might want to podcast and how to make money from podcasts. It gets into the technical issues of what equipment you need for recording, including great advice on microphone choice. It then gets into the software you need and what processing you nedd or may want to do on the audio. The specifics of RSS feeds and how they relate to podcasting are covered in depth. Even issues of promoting your podcast and linking into the podcasting community are covered in depth.

Podcast Solutions

This is a fantastic book. It really is a one-stop shop of podcasting knowledge. The fact that it comes with a CD of software is a bonus. If you are contemplating podcasting you need to read this book. Get it, read it and keep it handy as an ongoing reference.

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