Scrapbooking Your Favorite Family Memories

A great introduction to scrapbooking
Scrapbooking Your Favorite Family Memories
By the Editors of Memory Makers books, distributed by Reader’s Digest
Memory Makers Books, 2003
ISBN 1 892127 33 4

This interesting book brings together four individual books under one cover:
*    Michele Gerbrandt’s Scrapbook Basics
*    Creative Photo Cropping for Scrapbooks
*    Baby Scrapbooks
*    School Days Scrapbooks

Profusely illustrated, this book is a goldmine of inspiration for anyone getting into scrapbooking or those who feel their layouts are becoming stale. Purely a physical scrapbooking book, with no digital layout or content, it really doesn’t miss out on anything through that because you can readily extend the physical techniques onto the computer, if that is how you work. But there is still a lot to be said for the physical approach.

The book starts from the beginning with why to scrapbook, materials, tools and scrapbook choice. It then gets into approaches to organizing and laying out the scrapbook, developing designs, making an album flow, adding text, journaling and photo manipulation (with scissors). Then the later two books examine two specific album areas and gives ideas and lots of examples.

Anyone getting into scrapbooking and looking for a single book that will get them going on what to do and how to do it will enjoy this book. Even those some way into scrapbooking are bound to find new ideas or techniques in this book. Recommended.

5 thoughts on “Scrapbooking Your Favorite Family Memories”

  1. I am a keen crafts person and was recently given a book to have a look at. I am desperate to obtain a copy of this book for myself as it is a beautiful hard covered book which I unfortunatley have had to give back.

    The book I am after is Scrapbooking Your Favorite Family Memories by Michele Gerbrandt.

    I have tried to obtain a copy of this in New Zealand but it is out of stock and I could not find out if further shipments would be arriving.
    Please, please help me out. I had thought of 2nd hand book shops but with such a lovely book who in their right mind would be parting company with it as it is not an old book.

    Many thanks

  2. Help appreciated Wayne. Just tried Amazon ‘currently unavailable’ better than ‘no longer available’ – gives hope so will keep trying. Many thanks

      1. Mission successfully completed. Many thanks for your assistance and I look forward to the arrival of my copy from USA

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