Starting an iPhone Application Business for Dummies Book Review

Starting an iPhone Application Business for Dummies is part of the brilliant for Dummies series that covers pretty much everything. The book covers what you need to get your head around to setup a proper iPhone business and get it right from the start.

Starting an iPhone Application Business for Dummies
By Aaron Nicholson, Joel Elad and Damien Stolarz
Wiley Publishing, 2010
ISBN: 978-0-470-52452-7

The 390-odd page book is divided into six parts, with each part containing two to four chapters:

  • Surveying the Marketplace
  • Pinpointing the Business Offering
  • Lay the Groundwork
  • Assemble Your iPhone Application
  • Market to the Masses
  • The Part of Tens

Across these major sections and the contained chapters the book covers the process of identifying the business opportunities, planning the business, hiring programmers and other staff, managing the development and marketing process and much more.

For those new to ideas of starting a business on a sound planning basis, management and marketing this book is a God-send. For those with some business experience but not in the software industry it will also be hugely beneficial in spelling out a lot of things you won’t have thought of and helping you to avoid learning the hard way. Even those with software industry experience will gain something from this book.

This is an excellent book for those setting out on iPhone application development with the intention of making a successful business out of it. Whether you are doing the development yourself or using programmers to do the work, you will still benefit.

A great book that should be read by anyone undertaking iPhone (and iPad) software development.

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