The Week In Photography 14th October 2012

Here’s what has caught my attention over the past two weeks (last weekend was crazy 🙂 about photography and related areas of digital art, etc:

Is this shopped? Truth, lies, and art before and after Photoshop | The Verge

The Milky Way above a ghostly sea of cloud: The amazing shots taken by an amateur photographer who trekked to the top of a mountain to get them!traps/id/93fd3b2c-5a32-43fd-b76e-3fdadfb217b0/articles/6BJEclamv002q6RDqyRj

LaCie Launches Thunderbolt SATA III SSD ‘Little Big Disk’ with Up to 635MB/s Read

Pogo Connect: The best pressure-sensitive Bluetooth 4 stylus yet

Kirsty Wiseman: DIY Beauty Dish – for £1

Third-Party Thunderbolt Docking Stations Remain Vaporware as Shipping Dates Pushed Back

High-Speed Photography Turns Water Droplets Into Liquid Sculptures | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

The Rule Of Thirds vs The Golden Ratio And Why Should You Care

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