ThinkTank Photo July Competition Winner and Finalists – Macro Photography

We are pleased to show the finalists and the winner in the macro photography competition.
The July Macro Photography Competition brought a lot of entries. It was a complex one to judge and we ended up having to wait and bring in a couple of other photographers to cast their eyes over the entrants and help us reach a conclusion.

The winner of the ThinkTank Photo rotation360 backpack is Russell Stewart, of Queensland, Australia

Russell Stewart photography

The finalists can be viewed in the macro competition photography gallery.

Two special notes about this competition. One is that the submitted work varied massively and we left in some finalists that we were not sure they actually met the macro and closeup requirement but were great images anyway. Since they were not winning we felt it did no harm and everyone cn benefit from looking at some great images.

The second note is that one of the photographers entering this competition, SkyDancer, passed away suddenly between entering the competition and the judging. Sky was a great person, an online friend and a great artist. We will miss her very much.

Lastly our congratulations to everyone who entered.

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