This Week in Photography 4th March 2012 and reflections on the 5D Mark III

A roundup of some of the things about photography on the Internet that I found interesting this week.

I guess the most interesting thing to occur this week was the announcement of the new Canon 5D Mark III with only a minor change in resolution compared to the previously announced Nikon D800’s massive jump in resolution. As you would imagine the debate has been furious on various discussion forums and blogs.

My personal take on this is that there is a place for both cameras and it would be a really good idea for Canon to bring out an additional model that ups the resolution massively. The 5D Mark III provides plenty of resolution for many situations. However, and this is a big however, there are many situations when a much higher resolution camera would be a real plus. I shoot landscapes a lot, so I am not so worried about shooting rates, time to write to the memory card or even HD video capabilities. I want a camera I can take into the field that works well and gives me more than enough resolution to be able to crop substantially later in the studio depending on my intended image use and still print at a large size. This means turning landscape to portrait orientations, as well as creating panoramas by cropping. Even in the landscape things can change in the time it takes to take both a landscape and portrait orientation shot, such as birds being in the perfect location in the sky. This makes the ability to radically crop very attractive. So I would love to see Canon produce a 6D (say) with a 40-50MP sensor and, ideally, the ability to remove the IR blocking filter from the light path at the press of a button. This would be a dream camera for landscape photographers, and also many others, such as people shooting art works and such.

Apart from the above, not that much caught my eye this week on the web, but here it is:

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