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Sept 2006 Outstanding Art/Photo Site Award – Paul Mayo PMSA astrophotography & astronomy

This site shows the astrophotography of Paul Mayo Paul is an Australian amateur astronomer with a wide range of photographic interests, both in the sky, space and down to earth. The photography on the site covers the range from the moon to distant galaxies, and also adds storm and some terrestrial images. The astrophotography is […]

Sept 2006 Outstanding Art/Photo Site Award – Russell Croman Astrophotography

This site shows the astrophotography of Russell Croman Russell is an amateur astronomer whose astrophotography is far from amateur. Living in Austin, Texas and with a dark skies observatory in New Mexico, he takes his astrophotography very seriously. The photography on the site is stunning. It covers the whole astrophotography range from the solar system […]

August 2006 Outstanding Art/Photo Site Award – gusto images by artemi and hugh

gusto images is the web site of two photographers, Artemi Kyriacou and Hugh Turvey of London to show their advertising, design, editorial and publishing images. gusto images is a website of commercial photographic images by two London-based creative photographers: Artemi Kyriacou and Hugh Turvey. Their work on the site is divided into four galleries: food, […]

July 2006 Site Award – Love-Peace-Happiness by Satoshi

Site love-peace-happiness.com showcases digital artwork that is a mix of many photographs and hand painted elements. Satoshi “Satobo” Matsuyama went from a passion for jazz and Gospel music to an equal passion for creating digital images out of up to 200 individual images and a lot of hand-painted (using a graphics tablet) elements. The results […]

July 2006 Site Award – Liquid Sculpture by Martin Waugh

Site liquidesculpture.com showcases some amazing high-speed photography of liquid droplets and splashes. Martin Waugh is a scientist by training and a high-speed photographer by passion. Martin’s website, www.liquidsculpture.com, showcases his images. Martin’s passion is the photography of drops of liquid splashing when they hit another liquid. Using high-speed flash techniques he is able to freeze […]

e-on Software Showcase Articles

A new section on their web site features articles on practical uses of 3D software e-on Software have added a new section to their web site with articles about practical uses of their Vue software and other 3D software. The latest is a story about Darkside animation studios doing a TV documentary for the discovery […]

DAZ|Studio 3D Software Brings to Life Inspiring Christmas Book Featuring Dick Van Dyke

DAZ|Studio and DAZ 3D Models Used to Create all the Spectacular 3D Illustrations Featured in the Enchanting Children’s Book “Mr. Finnegan’s Giving Chest” Press Release   DAZ Productions Inc., a leading developer of professional-quality 3Dsoftware and models, today announced the brilliant illustrationsfeatured in the charming Christmas picture book, “Mr. Finnegan’s GivingChest,” were created with DAZ|Studio, […]

Technology Focus at School Helps Girls See The Big Picture

The college’s commitment to interactive teaching through projection technology has already increased student collaboration and interest as well as inspiring teachers and enabling them to revolutionise the way they deliver information. Press Release When it comes to the education of our nation’s children and expandingthe minds of tomorrow’s leaders, it is not a subject to […]

New Stock Photo Library Needs Health and Fitness Images

Spencer Images is a new stock photo library that specialises in images for the health and fitness industry Spencer Images is a new library that specializes in health and fitnessimages and seems to have a ready market for its images because theparent company has the National Exercise & Sports TrainersAssociation as a subsidiary. This association […]

Profile â

Chris Barnaby does abstract digital art with a definite spiritual aspect. Chris Barnaby first came to my attention through the InternationalDigital Art Awards. Since then we have been communicating anddiscovered a lot in common. Chris is one of those really nice guys thatyou sometimes luckily come across. Very serious about his art, he is adeep […]

Profile – Joel Seah – â

Joel Seah is a printmaker who is making full use of the potentials offered by the digital domain. Growing up in a Chinese family in Singapore, where emphasis was placedon occidental thought, Joel’s work has evolved as: “the ideal processthrough which he can interrogate the dichotomies of Eastern and Westernthat have shaped my outlook, both […]

David Ho

David Ho is a digital artist who creates very painterly images using Poser. I became aware of David Ho’s art work preparing our coverage of the2001 International Digital Art Awards. Again, while judging the 2002IDAA this time, his work jumped out at me and screamed for attention.Dealing with the inner, esoteric and personal aspects of […]