World Heritage Virtual Tour Adds 80 New Sites With the Help of REALVIZ® Stitcher® Unlimited is a stunning 360-degree virtual tour of World Heritage sites from across the globe. Press Release REALVIZ®, a leader in image processing software development, is delighted to lend their support for the re-launch of, a stunning 360-degree virtual tour of World Heritage sites from across the globe. is an independent non-profit organization […]

May 2007 Outstanding Art/Photo Site Award – Eirik Holmoyvik Photography

Eirik lives in Bergen, Norway and takes a wide range of photographs, from landscapes to street scenes, all of which is striking. Eirik Holmoyvik is a photographer based in Norway who covers a wide range of subjects. He seems to always be experimenting and pushing his own boundaries. His web site shows work shot conventionally, […]

May 2007 Outstanding Art/Photo Site Award – David Burdeny

David Burdeny is an architect who seems to be making a big name for himself as a fine art photographer. A Landscape photographer, David’s images have an amazing calmness about them. David Burdeny is a Canadian photographer of the landscape. Whilst he shoots BW film, he exhibits and sells C-type color prints of these because […]

May 2007 Outstanding Art/Photo Site Award – Barbara Leven Photography

Barbara Leven’s photography of the urban and natural landscape through tight, detail shots is striking. Barbara is a New York photographer who seems to like to isolate a detail from a larger scene. A fine art photographer, she has a long exhibition history of both analog and digital photography. Her web site shows photography in […]

Jan 2007 Outstanding Art/Photo Site Award – Mehmet Özgür

Mehmet Özgür has simply stunning landscape photography and the most amazing studies of smoke. This is an unusual award in this series, because it is really just about the work, rather than the website you can view it on. An engineer by education and profession, Mehmet is also an avid photographer. His work spans a […]

A Day of Shooting With My Infrared Converted Canon 350D

Sunday I was out shooting with my newly converted for IR 350D camera A few hours shooting with  converted 350D on Sunday (plus a bot of shooting on the previous few days) resulted in my gaining more familiarity with how the camera responds since the conversion. The results are below: 1/250 sec f8 100ISO, 20mm […]

Nov 2006 Outstanding Art/Photo Site Award – Nadia Salameh Wedding and Portrait Photography

This site shows the great wedding and portrait photography, as well as other work, of the American photographer Nadia Salameh. Nadia is an American photographer from Southern California who is presently on an extended residence in Barcelona, Spain. She is a specialist wedding/portrait photographer but also actively works on personal projects involving people and nature. […]

Oct 2006 Outstanding Art/Photo Site Award – Jane Davenport insect and flower photography, and more

This site shows the great nature photography of Jane Davenport Jane is an Australian photographer who specializes in nature photography from a creative perspective. Cutting her teeth in fashion photography, Jane is a whiz at both photography and at the marketing of her work. I first came across Jane when I received a press release […]

Sept 2006 Outstanding Art/Photo Site Award – Don Relyea

This site shows the generative art work of Don Relyea, which includes both visual art works and music. Don is a fine art printmaker by training and an explorer by disposition. He explores the algorithmic landscape created by code and algorithm on his computers, creating wonderful visual art pieces and music in the process. Don’s […]