Adobe Creative Suite 4 ROI Study Shows Productivity as New “Killer Feature”

Tests Confirm CS4 Users Can Save Thousands of Dollars Through Productivity Gains in Everyday Tasks

Adobe today announced benchmarking results from an independent research study conducted by Pfeiffer Consulting and commissioned by Adobe. According to the report, features in Adobe Creative Suite 4 software can dramatically increase productivity, efficiency and return on investment. Research shows that every unnecessary click has the ability to slow down users’ productivity.  Routine operations across Adobe Creative Suite 4 can be accomplished more quickly now than with previous versions, dramatically improving the user experience and saving hours every month. Users can now dedicate more time to the creative side of the project with this latest version of the Creative Suite product line. More than 100 benchmark tests focusing on design (, print, digital imaging (, Web ( and interactive design, and video production (  were conducted. Tests covered workflow-related productivity measures as well as market-specific design and publishing activities.

Key Findings
·         For Design Professionals:

  • Users can identify and eliminate production-level errors more than twice as fast in CS4 than in previous versions by activating the Live Preflight feature in InDesign software.
  • Multiple artboards in Illustrator CS4 ( can help users save almost one-third the time previously needed to make changes to common parameters, like fonts and color, in projects composed of numerous design pieces.
  • New Smart Guides provide positioning hints including alignment with borders, spacing and angle rotation when one is creating or modifying objects on a page. Creation of a new object and aligning it with two other objects now takes less than half the time it took with CS3.

·         For Digital Imaging Professionals:

  • Making simple, non-destructive adjustments to an image is more than twice as fast using Adjustment Panels with Photoshop CS4 ( than with previous versions.
  • Adobe Bridge CS4 increases efficiency in managing a wide variety of files and metadata. The new Review mode can help users review and select images for use twice as fast than with previous releases of the application.
  • Open GL support in Photoshop CS4 helps speed up image-navigation features including zooming and panning. Benchmark tests showed that in one month it can save users one hour and 40 minutes compared with CS3.

·         For Web Professionals:

  • New commands such as Live Preview and Live Code are designed to eliminate time-consuming tasks that can shave hours off of Web development projects each month compared with CS3.  Using Live Code versus checking code in the browser to preview a Web page now takes 68 percent less time than CS3.
  • With Flash CS4 ( and a more streamlined process for creating Motion tweens, Web professionals can create simple animations in one-third of the time than with previous releases.
  • Photoshop Smart Objects in Dreamweaver CS4 ( allows users to place native, multi-layered Photoshop files in a web page without needing to update images already placed. With three Photoshop round-trips, CS4 users take 33.98 seconds to complete the project, less than half the time it took in previous versions.

·         For Video Professionals:

  • CS4 users who leverage the new Speech to Text feature in Adobe Premiere Pro (  to search for a specific spoken phrase in a 10-minute video can achieve results in 16.46 seconds. Users of previous versions would have taken almost a minute and a half to get the same results.
  • Navigating to a specific layer or effect in a complex After Effects project containing thousands of layers previously may have taken nearly two minutes versus the previous version. With Quicksearch in After Effects CS4, searches now take 80 percent less time.
  • Working with Adobe OnLocation in CS4 revolutionises tapeless video capture by uploading footage directly to the hard drive of a computer for immediate editing, which eliminates time spent ingesting video from tape. It now takes less than a minute with CS4 versus more than 11 minutes with previous versions of Creative Suite.

Learn more about the Creative Suite 4 ROI Study (

About Creative Suite 4
Launched in September 2008, Creative Suite 4 is a milestone release of the industry-leading design and development software for virtually every creative workflow. Delivering radical workflow breakthroughs and packed with hundreds of feature innovations—the new Creative Suite 4 product line advances the creative process across print, Web, mobile, interactive, film and video production. Adobe’s biggest software release to date includes Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design editions, Creative Suite 4 Web editions, Creative Suite 4 Production Premium, Creative Suite 4 Master Collection, as well as 13 point products, 14 integrated technologies and seven services.

John Loiacono, senior vice president and general manager, Creative Solutions Business Unit, Adobe Systems Incorporated

·         “Our Creative Suite offerings have always been at the heart of enabling world-class design and engaging experiences. Now with CS4, our users can be more efficient as they create. These time and cost-saving benefits are vital for our customers, who are expected to achieve more with less during challenging economic times.”
Yvonne Perez Emerson, associate creative director, Curiosity Group

·         “Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium gives us the tools to see just how creative we can truly be, all while greatly increasing our overall efficiency.”

·         “For instance, InDesign CS4 integration with Flash CS4 Professional saves our Web designers hours of work because I can now accomplish much of what our Web team would have had to re-create for me. This is just one example of how Adobe product integration enhancements result in significant time savings for our workflow, which ultimately improves service to our clients.”

Tim Barber, principal/creative director, Odopod

·         “As a digital agency, we’re constantly working on web projects with tight timelines and big expectations. Enhancements in Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium – like improved integration and streamlined user interfaces – help simplify our workflow and let us move seamlessly among software applications, saving us hours each day.”

·         “The animation capabilities in Adobe Flash CS4 Professional let us create Web site prototypes with interactivity and motion in the same amount of time as it used to take to create static comps. This enables us to give our clients a feel for the overall brand experience earlier in the process, saving everyone time and money down the line.”

Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza, director, Pure West Films

·         “The post-production process for a film typically takes countless hours to complete. With Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium, our process is much more streamlined now due to time-saving and competitive features such as Speech Search and Media Encoder.”

·         “We can quickly transform dialogue into text-based, searchable metadata, and automate the creation of the multiple versions of our content that our industry requires. These capabilities are indispensable in saving us countless hours of post-production time and improving high-quality video delivery. It all adds up to our being able to produce more and better films in less time for less money.”

Pricing and Availability in Australia

Adobe Creative Suite 4 is available through Adobe Authorised Resellers ( and the Adobe Store (  For more information on affordable volume licensing options, please visit
·         Estimated street price for:

  • Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium from A$3635.00 upgrade from A$1,215.00
  • Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium from A$3,435,00 upgrade from A$1,215.00
  • Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium from A$3,435,00 upgrade from A$1,215.00
  • Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection from A$5,049,00 upgrade from A$1,819.00
  • Until April 30, 2009, Adobe is offering upgrades on Creative Suite 4 Design, Web and Production Premium versions for the CS3 upgrade price. Limitations apply.  Learn more about the CS4 introductory offer (


New time saving features in Creative Suite 4 are designed to help users boost productivity and save production costs. Here, Adobe evangelists show you how.

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