Canon 350D/ Digital Rebel XT IR Performance (Part 2)

Infrared test
In this part of the 350D test I show many more images captured with the 350D using the Hoya R72 filter.

But first, here are 100% detail crops of the same image taken at varying ISO settings. The scene is that from the image above:






Ok, now below are a series of shots taken with the 350D at various iso settings. I’ve gone from being concerned that my 350D (that I own) was not such a great camera for IR to really liking it for the type of IR work I want to do, i.e. landscapes where I don’t mind a long exposure.

From experimentation I’ve learned to trust the autofocus with the R72 in place. I’ve found I generally use the green channel for the BW conversion, though in some cases I have used the red and in some others just done a mono conversion from the color image.

More pics are shown in Part 3.

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