Canon 350D/ Digital Rebel XT IR Performance (Part 1)

Infrared test.
The Canon 350D is my latest camera (owned, rather than on loan for review), so I was very curious to see what its IR performance would be.

This RAW shot was taken at 1.6 second and f5.6 at 100ISO

Red only



Noise is reasonably high with this camera and shooting in IR with a Hoya R72 filter.

Below are 100% sections of an image:




Despite the noise, the 350D is capable of returning some lovely IR images. Exposure was 0.3 second at F2.8 and 100ISO.

Exposure 1 second at f5.6 and 100ISO

From the red channel only. Exposure was 15 seconds at f5.6, 100ISO in rain.

Or the green channel

1 second at f8 and 100ISO

A followup article explores 350D performance with varying ISO.