Understanding Canon EF-S, Nikon DX and similar lenses for small sensor digital SLR cameras

Canon, Nikon, Sony and most of the rest of the camera companies, plus the third party lens makers, like Tamron, Sigma, etc., all make two series of lenses, on designed for full frame digital SLRs and 35mm film cameras, and another range designed for use on their smaller sensor digital SLRs. But there is a […]

Digital Macro Photography, An Overview

In this article we explore some aspects of macro photography with digital cameras. Macro is an excellent photography area that can really make good use of the strengths of digital cameras. This is the first of a series of articles on macro techniques and subjects. 0.5 second, f16 and 100ISO, Sigma 70mm Macro on Canon […]

Depth of Field – How Does It Really Work?

Depth of field is one of the least well-used aspects of photographic control. Yet it really is very simple to get your head around. A camera lens will actually only focus one single, flat (if it is a good lens) plane perfectly. As you move away from the plane of sharp focus, objects become gradually […]

Starting Out – Film versus Digital Cameras

This article explores grain and noise, how they relate and other issues in choosing between film and digital capture. There are two ways to capture images photographically, use a film camera and scan or use a digital camera. Film Film is certainly, on the surface, the cheapest option. You probably already have a film camera […]