Clarifying Magazine and App Rights Requested

Hi All,

In response to some misunderstandings on a discussion group let me explain the rights we require over content submitted for the new magazine and app versions of DIMi:

The concerns come from this paragraph: DIMi wants no rights over your submission beyond a perpetual and non-exclusive right to publish your work in any form, electronic or print, indefinitely, but only in the form of the DIMi magazine or any special issues or accumulations (such as a Best of DIMi) or in the advertising of such. Your work will always be published with your name and, wherever possible, a link to a site where people can see more of your work and contact you, except in the case of illustrations showing the magazine in advertising or on the app store.

Those rights requested are THE SAME as any photography magazine requires because you have to have the right to publish the image in the magazine and you have to have the right to advertise the magazine and that might mean showing someones images in the ad.

No, we will not sell the images to others, we can’t, we did not ask for those rights and nor would we want them anyway.

No, we will not use those images in advertising anything else except the magazine itself, we can’t, we did not ask for those rights and nor would we want them.

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