Extensis Portfolio November ‘The Image’ Competition Winner and Finalists

We are please to announce the winner and show all the finalists in the November The Image competition.
Well, we set ourselves a very tough task for this competition: a completely open competition where the concentration is the resulting image.

We have two copies of the excellent Extensis Portfolio 8.5 Digital
Asset Management software to be won. This software makes it easy to
keep track of all the digital image and other media files that we use
to make our images. The two prizes are download licences and you can
download either a Windows or Mac version to suit your needs. The
software is valued at US$199.95.

As you could image, the competition was far from easy to judge. At least we had two equal first prizes to offer that made things easier. In the end we got there, but not without a lot of heartache as there was a very close third image, by Bill Logan, that we would have loved to award a prize to as well.

So, in no particular order, here are the two winners.

With an almost straight photographic image we are please to award one prize to Kort Kramer for his Jet Stream Sunset. This image illustrates the importance of being there with a camera, of looking up and working with what you find. The image is striking for the color and the contrast between the linear and more organic clouds. Simply stunning.

Kort Kramer image

The second first prize winner is for a very different image. Nathan Selikoff’s A Society of Stickpeople (captured, #31) is a stunning image, complex and intriguing, yet also simple and graphic. It had all of our judges amazed and left wanting more. Nathan Selikoff’s artwork website can be seen here.

Nathan Selikoff

Congratulations to you both and to all the finalists. There was a lot of stunning work that deserved a prize.

View all the finalists in the gallery.

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