Gitzo GM2541 Carbon-Fiber Monopod Video Review and Tutorial on How-To Use a Monopod

We review the Gitzo and also cover how to use a monopod for those that have never experienced one.
Gitzo’s GM2541 is a four section, carbon fiber monopod. It weighs half a kilo (1.1lbs) and rises to a maximum height of 1.6m (63in) from a collapsed length of 53cm (20.9in).  The leg sections use the new Anti Leg Rotation system and so do not rotate as you lock or unlock the legs.

Monopods offer a great alternative to a tripod. They are typically lighter, more flexible and dynamic to work with, but, of course, they will not hold your camera without you holding it. They are great for adding that extra bit of support in low light or when working with long lenses or macro, without the setup and space requirements of a tripod. They are also extremely handy in situations where a lot of movement is required, such as with shooting sports or similar.

In the video we show it in use.

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In Australia they have a list price of A$324.50 without a head.

These are a great unit and I highly recommend them.

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