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Whether you’re swimming with dolphins or checking out beautiful coral displays on The Great Barrier Reef, you’ll be able to capture all your memories thanks to the newest underwater housings from Olympus this summer.

Olympus now offers the best way to explore and shoot the wonders of the underwater world. The powerful combination of the new range of Olympus Compact Digital cameras, the professional Digital SLR range and an underwater housing to fit each one will have you discovering the beauty of underwater photography in no time.

From snorkeller to scuba diver, Olympus has you truly covered, allowing you to take spectacular photos from three metres for the point and shoot range, 40 metres for the premium choice range and an incredible 60 metres for the digital SLR range.

Continuing its association with the world’s leading dive industry body, PADI, to provide the photographic equipment for all of their accredited dive courses, this summer, Olympus will be encouraging consumers to get off terra firma and step away from ‘traditional’ photography and go below the surface.

Snap the sea creatures – 3 metres below

Olympus underwater cameras

Browse around the magnificent coral structures of your local beach or take some snaps in rock pools with the CWPC-05 – a completely waterproof housing that can go down three metres deep. Pair with the simple-to-use Olympus FE-170 and you’ve got an image solution perfect for the outdoors or shallow waters.

Take your camera further – 5 metres below

Olympus underwater cameras

The Mju Tough 725SW is shaping up to be a best seller this season, and it’s little wonder why! The world of underwater photography has never been more accessible to the everyday photographer thanks to the Mju Tough 725SW, which is waterproofed to stand depths of up to 5 metres and features a clever underwater photography mode.

Capture the deep ocean depths – 40 metres below
Take your Olympus camera deeper into the water than you’ve ever imagined, with the PT-032 underwater housing. It can stand depths of up to 40 metres, which makes it just perfect for taking elaborate shots of amazing underwater scenes and the creatures that wait below.

If you’re a fan of this summer’s popular hard-wearing camera, the Olympus Mju Tough 725SW, then clip on the PT-033 housing. With your camera already built to take depths of five metres, you can make your Mju 725SW even tougher by taking it down to up to 40 metres.

If you own a Mju 740 or Mju 750, you’ll also be able to join the party this summer thanks to the PT-034 underwater housing. It makes your already smart camera, smarter by letting you take it to new depths – 40 metres in fact! Made from durable polycarbonate, the housing gives your Mju 740 or 750 more cushioning and protects it from everyday knocks and bumps. Combine this with the Mju 740 and Mju 750’s Underwater Macro and Underwater Wide photo modes and you can expect some stunning shots!

Take a photo of deep sea mysteries – 60 metres below

Olympus underwater cameras

You only get a precious amount of time when you’re deep sea diving, so for the professional photographer, Olympus has come to the rescue. The PTEO2 underwater housing has been designed to further enhance the worldleading E-330 Digital SLR cameras from Olympus. Take your photos further than you ever imagined, up to 60 metres below the sea. Olympus has thought of everything! The E-330’s unique Live View function also means you can check out your shots before you take them! Forget struggling with your diving mask to see through a tiny viewfinder, with the Olympus-exclusive Live View feature it’s no longer impossible to see what you’re shooting, ensuring you bring back some of the most vivid and exciting underwater scenarios when you surface on land.
Now what are you waiting for? Get out of your comfort zone, take your favourite Olympus camera, get an underwater housing unit, throw on your snorkel or scuba tank and get ready to capture the beauty of the sea depths!

For customer enquiries contact 1300 659 678 or for details on other Olympus products visit www.olympus.com.au

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The unique brand qualities of Precision Optics(TM) and Precision Audio(TM) are the platforms for marketing and communications for the company.
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