Homage: Contemporary Art in Digital Media ̶ a traveling exhibit

Homage:  Contemporary Art in Digital Media ̶ a traveling exhibit

Escondido Arts Partnership Municipal Gallery ̶ July 9 to August 21, 2010

Art Institute of California ̶ September 11 to October 15, 2010

The Digital Art Guild’s current exhibition will engage viewers in a variety of conversations.  The artists have cast their images as an homage — to other artists as ordinarily expected or in this more open discussion to ideas and cultural traditions which shape the way we think and experience the world around us.  What is significant about these images and the vision they engage is an important observation about contemporary art in digital media — that it is reinventing the world we visualize once more.

“As with any new vision, medium or style in art, there is an incentive to restart the conversation. Not necessarily that we arrive at a new type of art, but more to deepen our understanding of who we are, what intrigues us and what this particular artist or artists have to say with their imagery.”  From the introduction to the Homage catalog

The exhibit catalog creates a further dialog by the pairing images. An illustrative counterpoint is the pairing of A Woman’ Awakening by Julie M. Rae and Behind the Veil of Alzheimer’s by Terri Pakula.

Both Rae and Pakula address the impact of disease on our awareness — with Rae, it is the woman’s awareness of breast cancer; with Pakula, the slow deterioration of her father with Alzheimer’s.

Read more about the exhibit at the Digital Art Guild ezine:  www.digitalartguild.com

The opening and public reception for Homage, Contemporary Art in Digital Media, will be from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm on Saturday, July 10th.  Admission is free to the Escondido Arts Partnership Municipal Gallery, 262 E. Grand Avenue, Escondido, CA 92025.  Hours are 11:00am – 4:00pm – Tuesday through Saturday. For gallery  information at the Escondido Arts Partnership Municipal Gallery, contact Wendy Wilson, Director, 760.480.4101.

The layout for the exhibit spaces is organized by Jim Respess. For more information on the exhibit space, contact Jim at [email protected] or 858-272-1926. The layout for the exhibit catalog is designed by Joe Nalven. For more information on the exhibit catalog, contact Joe at [email protected] or 858-679-1242.

The Homage exhibition catalog can be previewed at Blurb.com at  www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1330985 and can be purchased online.

Artists represented in Homage reside in Arizona, California (San Diego, Los Angeles), Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Australia, China, England and Canada.

The artists participating in Homage are:

Ron Belanger Guy Mayenobe
Charlie Anne Breese Andrew Mercer
Stephen Burns Abigail Migala
Tom Chambers Kerry Mitchell
Sergio Davila Joe Nalven
John Engen James Niles
Max  Eternity Terri Pakula
Joan Everds Julie Rae
Janine Free Harvey Reed
Scott Graham James Respess
Joyce Harris Mayer Jill Rowe
Valerie Henderson Bob Snell
Deborrah Henry Renata Spiazzi
Phil Herwegh Helga E. Stark
JD Jarvis Raymond St Arnaud
Vladimir Konečni Michael Sussna
Marc Krutiak Eric Swenson
Kat Larsen Walt Thomas
Dana Levine Pasha Turley
Liz Lopes John Valois
Ernest Llynn Lotecka Mary Waring
Eileen Mandell Michael Wright
Judy Mandolf Lee Zasloff
Fred Marinello Kim Zuill
Kaz Maslanka

For information about the Homage exhibit, contact:

Joe Nalven            [email protected]


Jim Respess            [email protected]

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