Infrared Panorama Photography From the Fitzroy Gardens

As the weather and my schedule have permitted, I have been out doing panorama photography with my IR converted Canon 350D and a slightly modified Gigapan Epic motorized panorama platform. A fairly calm and sunny day allowed me some time in the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne.

The day was sunny with scattered cloud, giving interesting and changeable lighting. This illustrates one potential problem when shooting on such a day. Because the amount of time to shoot a complete panorama with the Gigapan (or any other way) is substantial, the light can change during the panorama. This happened int he first panorama shown below. The sun went behind a cloud part way through the shot. You can see that the sun was hidden by a cloud for part of the shot.

Panorama photography from Fitzroy Gardens
Full size, this image is 30,056 x 5,586 pixels, or 480MP

If this happens you can rescue the image in Photoshop, as shown below.

Photoshop corrected panorama image

Here are some more panorama images from the same day.

Infrared panorama shot with a Gigapan Epic
Full image is 18,575 x 5,696 pixels, or 302MP
Another panorama where the light changed
Full image is 41,528 x 5,586 pixels, or 663MP
Photoshop corrected panorama image
Photoshop corrected panorama image
Fitzroy Gardens in Infrared
Full image is 12,214 x 5,584 pixels, or 195MP
Infrared panorama with the Gigapan Epic
Full image is 10,574 x 6,324 pixels, or 191MP
Infrared panorama
Full image is 21,989 x 855 pixels, or 538MP
In Photoshop I adjusted the color
Full image is 14,346 x 6,015 pixels, or 246MP

A full sized sample image is available for download on the IR sample image page.

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  1. Hi,

    Very nice pictures. Did yoy have more information about your post-treatment process ? Lightroom? How did you select the best channel for your picture and get the best blue background?


  2. I love these panoramas, Wayne. That little Gigapan is providing you with lots of fun as well as great shots.

  3. I love these panoramas, Wayne. That little Gigapan is providing you with lots of fun as well as great shots.

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