Sony DSC-R1 IR Performance (Part 1)

Infrared test.
The Sony R1 is a lovely camera with a great zoom range (24-120mm), good handling and great design features. It is also quite IR sensitive, has low noise and makes a great IR camera.

Exposure was 1/5 second at f4 and 160ISO

Red channel only



The following images are 100% sections of an image shot at 1.6 seconds and f4.8 and 160ISO in bright sun:




1.6 seconds at f6.3 and 200ISO

0.3 second at F14 and 3200ISO

8 seconds at f14 and 200ISO

My 8 year old daughter with her camera and tripod. 1/13 second at f4.8 and 3200ISO.

1/5 second at f8 and 3200ISO

As you can see, the R1 makes a good IR camera. Part 2 of the article has more images, 100% sections at all the ISO settings and more on the Sony DCS-R1 digital camera and infrared photography. Click here to go straight to it.

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