Sony DSC-R1 IR Performance (Part 2)

Infrared test continued.
The following are 100% sections of the red channel of images taken at different ISO settings:






More shots, usually using just the red channel:

All told I am very impressed with the R1 as an IR camera. Remember you are only seeing lowres images on the web. The full 8MP images are luminous and lovely. A great camera and also great for infrared.

2 thoughts on “Sony DSC-R1 IR Performance (Part 2)”

  1. Hi…I really enjoyed your pictures and comments. As an owner of an F28 which has IR capabilites…I am somewhat confused about taking IR’s with my soon to arrive R1. I have an IR filter which I use on my F828… did not mention which IR filter you used in your photos….and can I ask which original setting you used on the R1 prior to shooting the photos with the IR filter intact?
    Thank you…I am just learning and I loved your photos. Carl

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