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Light Field Photography Offers a Path to Re-focusable Photographs

A new research development offers the potential to re-focus a photograph after it has been taken and provide a use for the higher and higher pixel resolution that sensors are capable of. Researchers at Stanford University have developed a way to refocus photographs after they have been taken. The technique involves placing a special filter …

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TFI Provides Significant 2006 Technology Trends

Popular futurist and technologist David Smith (Vice President, TFI) states “These trends are of great consequence to those involved with global business, technology business process, science and universities, government agencies, federal labs, corporate labs, and technology savvy consumers.” Press Release Once again, Technology Futures, Inc. (TFI) provides important emerging technology trends for 2006 and beyond …

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An Inkjet Pen, Anyone?

US patent application by an Australian company for a multi-color inkjet pen Yes, yet another interesting use of the inkjet technology, this time in a pen. Australian company Silverbrook Research Pty Ltd has filed US patent application number 20050265770 for a pen that uses multiple ink heads to be able to print variable width lines …

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Samsung OLED TV

SAMSUNG Electronics Develops World’s First 40-inch a-Si-based OLED for Ultra-slim, Ultra-sharp Large TVs Press Release Samsung Electronics, the leader in TFT-LCD technology, has successfullydeveloped the world’s first single-sheet, 40-inch active matrix (AM)OLED ( organic light-emitting diode ) for emissive flat panel TVapplications. The high-definition-compatible OLED prototype has a widescreen pixel format of 1280×800 (WXGA) driven …

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Epson Prints OLED Display

Epson Creates World’s First Large Full-Color OLED Display Using Original Inkjet Technology Seiko Epson Corporation (“Epson”) has used its original inkjet printingtechnology to successfully develop the world’s first large-screen(40-inch) full-color organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displayprototype. It is easy to forget that Epson used to sell computer monitors andactively works on LCD technology for many applications. …

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