The Week In Photography 28th May 2013

Here’s what has caught my attention on the Internet about photography over the past few weeks:

Bug-eye camera offers a new view of the world

Creating Drama Through Cinematic Light

Backlit Photography 101: Secrets of Expressive Backlit Portraits

The illusion of simplicity: photographer Peter Belanger on shooting for Apple

Strange Geographies: The Mojave Desert’s Airplane Graveyard

Nature & flower photography inspiration by Beatrice Lechtanski

The Top 8 Reasons Why I’m a Big Believer in 35mm Lens Photography

Jewel-Like Photographs of Lucite Sculptures

New Yorkers Upset Over Photographer’s Secret Snaps Through Their Windows

Airline Says ‘No Photography’ on Flights

Photographs of Motionless Bodies of Water Inspired by Rothko

Olloclip Quick-Flip Case and Pro-Photo Adapter add protection, tripod mount

Microscopic Photos of Dust Collected from the World’s Best Art Museums

Photographer David Emitt Adams Creates Tintype Photos Using Rusty Old Cans









The Week in Photography 6th May 2013

Here’s what caught my attention on the Internet about photography in the past week:

Amazing Macro Photos of Bugs With An Unsual Accessory

Explore Hong Kong’s ‘Vertical Horizon’ in These Reverse-Vertigo Inducing Photos

ProScope Micro Mobile lets your iPhone get mega-close-ups

Panasonic introduces DMC-G6 and DMC-LF1 cameras

14-Year-Old Photographer’s Amazingly Surreal Self Portraits

VFX pro produces short film with a Macbook Pro and Adobe Creative Cloud

UK.Gov passes Instagram Act: All your pics belong to everyone now

How the hell is this photo of the Moon even possible?

The Basics Of DSLR Videography

Photographer Uses His iPhone to Capture One Photo Per Day of a Lonely Bur Oak

Canon N


The Week In Photography 25th April 2013

Here’s what caught my attention on the Internet in the past week or so:

David Kingham Photography | Focusing at Night

Seven Lenses for The Portrait Shooter on a Budget

FocusTwist: Focus-Controllable Images with the iPhone | CDTobie’s Photo Blog

How to Do Stop Motion Photography: An Introduction

The Great Compositions of Photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt

Amateur Photographer Captures NASA-like Space Images

Magic Lantern’s Focus Peaking Makes Freelensing A Snap

Photography redefined

Accession by Ben Thomas

How photographers joined the self-publishing revolution




The Week In Photography 12th April 2013

Here’s what has caught my attention on the Internet recently about photography:

Colorful Long Exposure Photos of Glow Sticks Dropped Into Waterfalls

Blackmagic Design Announces Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

G-Technology announces new family of Thunderbolt-equipped docks, drives

NeroTrigger camera trigger is faster (and smarter) than your shutter finger

Canon XA25 HD and XA20 HD Camcorders:

Turn ordinary photos into extraordinary iPhoneography with textures

Trygger Camera Clip: a better polarizing filter for your iPhone 5

5 iPhone Photography Accessories for Better Pictures

PhotosNormandy: An Online Collection of 3,000+ Royalty-Free Photos from WWII

Eye-Popping Photographs of Hong Kong High-Rise Apartment Buildings

High-Speed Photographs of Ink Dropped into Water

Dreamy Photography by Weerapong Chaipuck



The Week In Photography 28th March 2013

Here’s what caught my attention on the Internet over the past week and a bit about photography and related topics:

News: Sachtler Ace L and New FSB Tripod Systems at the NAB 2013

The Unbelievable Photos Taken by the Crazy Russians Who Illegally Climbed Egypt’s Great Pyramid

Life In LoFi: iPhoneography

Low light photography: 40 pro tips for any situation

David Saffir: Thinking and Seeing In Black and White – Part 2 of 3 « SpyderBLOG

Illuminating the Petrochemical Landscape: Places: Design Observer



The Week In Photography 19th March 2013

Here’s what’s been catching my attention about photography on the Internet in the past week (and a bit):

Gorgeous Photos Show An Arctic World That Won’t Be Around For Long | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation

Remarkable Images Of Volcanic Lightning, A Scientific Mystery | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

How The Impossible Project Gave Polaroid Cameras A New Lease On Life | Fast Company

How Using Color Relationships Can Impact Your Photography

Cardboard Hasselblad Medium Format Pinhole Camera to Be Sold as a Kit

Photographing Flower Blooms With A Lightbox

Rigwheels Is The Mother Of All DIY Dollies

Gorgeous New Planets? Nope, Just Frying Pans | Co.Design: business + innovation + design





The Week In Photography 10th March 2013

Here’s what caught my attention about photography and related fields in the past week:

Review: GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

Rare, Full-Color Photos from WWII

Phenomenal Photography by Finland Photographer Mikko Lagerstedt…

35mm Showdown: Canon, Canon L and Sigma Comparison

Big Bang: Abstract Photograms Created by Exposing Photo Paper to Fireworks

Guardian photographers share tips for getting a portrait in ten minutes

Innovative New Photo Sharing Site In a League Of Its Own

How to Freeze Motion in Water Photography

GifMill brings animated GIF creation to your iPhone

Selective Color Adjustment in Adobe Photoshop | David Saffir’s Photography and Printing Blog

With Dblcam, Use Both Your iPhone’s Cameras At Once | Fast Company

5 Ways To Improve Your Photography Without Touching Your Camera

Nikon COOLPIX A: hands-on with the latest large-sensor compact camera

Architectural Landscapes – A World Of Wonder

Satechi’s Bluetooth Smart Trigger turns an iOS device into a wireless DSLR remote














Some Interesting Photography Articles

It’s been awhile since I posted what was catching my attention about photography on the Internet. Well, here is a catchup, a roundup of what has caught my attention:

A Passion for Wrecks and Images Give a Photography Enthusiast a Second Career

Luxi turns an iPhone into an incident light meter

How To Approach Action Sports Photography

Conceptualize your compositions to improve your iPhone photography

Frame Rates vs Shutter Speed and Why to Care

Take A Look Inside the Suitcases of the Clinically Insane

Look At The World’s Greatest Skylines Without Any Lights On

Photographer Captures Detailed Photos of the Sun From His Backyard

Using Color Temp to Create Depth and Dimension with your HD Video

Make A Living In Filmmaking

Hddslr Filmmaking With Gale Tattersall

Rural Beginnings: Aesthetic Photography by Cally Whitham

An Inspirational Photo E-Book | Nature and Photography

Comparison: How Using a Lensbaby Affects Photography 

The Unsettling Beauty of Lethal Viruses

Turn your iPhone into a high-tech light meter

Long Exposure Photography of Stars

The CamRanger Lets You Wirelessly Control A DSLR From Your iPad [Macworld 2013]



The Week In Photography 27th January 2012

Here’s what caught my attention on the Internet in the past week about photography:

Turn Your iPad Into a Second Monitor for Free

Here’s what your iPhone needs – a viewfinder

3rd Person View lets you star in your own action videos

iPhone Shutter Remote Wirelessly Takes Photos Up To 30 Feet Away

The Sunnist: D800 IR Monk Praying

Cameras offer advantages even to smartphone owners –

Berlin artist weaves immersive 3D matrix out of UV light

Humorous Portraits of People with Faces Pressed Against Glass

Parthenogenesis On An Ice Moon at 5x
Parthenogenesis On An Ice Moon at 5x

The Week In Photography 20th January 2013

Here’s what caught my attention about photography, video and art in the past week:

10 Zero Budget Filmmaking Tips

Your Basic Filmmaking Kit & Crew: A 3-Level Guide

Video Codecs: What to know – Filmmaking Tutorial

8 Honest Behind-The-Scenes Movie Making Documentaries

Alt Script: Four Ways to Control Your Script’s Budget Without Compromising the Film

Sundance Partners With Reelhouse To Turn Filmmakers Into Self-Distribution Pros

Lightroom Magazine for iPad

Video Lighting Tips from Grips and Gaffers–7322.shtml

Metabones – Metabones and Caldwell Photographic Introduce Speed Booster

Object of Desire: CineMoco

HD video camera glasses: hands-free videography

Vanguard unveil new products at C.E.S show, Las Vegas

American Cinematographer Podcast on Shooting Deadfall

Pentax launches MX-1 enthusiast-level compact

Nikon announces S1 and J3 1-Series cameras

Could Final Cut Pro X Be the NLE of the Future?

Lomography Lets You Scan Your Images Via Your Phone; Cool Demo Video Will Make You Swoon

Drobo Mini 4-Bay Storage Array – Mini Review