The Week in Photography 1st April 2012

Here’s what caught my eye on the Internet this week:

Limited Area by Robert Schlaug

Move Aside, Hipstamatic: Flixel iPhone App Turns Pics Into Artsy Animated GIFs | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

Ubi-Camera uses your fingers as its viewfinder

Trekpak organizes camera gear with innovative storage system

Pictures of the Week: Steel Wool Photography



Calibrating an iPad

David Saffir has written a great little article about calibrating an iPad using the Dalacolor Spyder 3 and some software for both the computer and the iPad.

David says it better than I can, so read it here.


The Week in Photography 25th March 2012

Here’s what caught my eye this week on the web:

Beastly GIFs Combine Gary Baseman Aesthetic With 3-D Wow | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

Output Sharpening – Digital Photo Pro

Adapter lets you mount SLR lenses on iPhone

Build your own motion-triggered “Internet of Things” camera

Viddy For iPhone: An App That’s Like Instagram For Videos

Plus a whole lot of stuff on Facebook and pInterest.


This Week In Photography 18th March 2012

Here’s what caught my eye on the net this past week:

iPad 3: Retina Display review for photographers

Photographs Captured Over Years with an Open Camera Shutter

10 of Art History’s Most Controversial Photographers [NSFW]

Answers about the new iPad and Color

Segment 9, Photo Review Series: Line, Light, and Color with David Saffir and Sally Wiener Grotta