The Week In Photography 3rd June 2012

Here’s what caught my attention in photography this past week:

Hipstamatic launches monthly iPad Magazine “Snap” and global art project, “Make Beautiful”

Creative Dad Takes Crazy Photos Of Daughters | Bored Panda

Creative photography by Sean Hawley

These are the apps that should be in your iPhoneography ‘camera bag’

The Week In Photography 27th May 2012

Here’s what caught my eye in photography this week:

The Image Licensing Trap: A Short Intro for Photographers

Photographer Exhibits Photos Overhead, Provides Mirrors for Viewing Them

Sensor cleaning made safe: remove dust from your Nikon DSLR

Choosing the Best Canon Speedlite Flash for Your Needs

Bump’s New App Makes Photo Sharing Between Phones And PCs A Simple, Physical Gesture | Co.Design: business

Master Class: How To Shoot Your Dog In A Car | Co.Create: Creativity \ Culture \ Commerce

Know Your Rights: Photography in Public

10 Tips for Better iPhonography

30 Minute Video Limit in Digital Cameras May Be On Its Way Out

Man Chucking A $10,000 Canon Projectile

iPhone 4s Cameras Are Good For Some Subjects

The Week in Photography 20th May 2012

Here’s what caught my attention on the Internet about photography this past week:

25 Paintings every photographer must study

How to Scan Film Negatives with a DSLR

Hasselblad cameras price reduction

25 Examples of Monochromatic Photos and Art

Master Class: How To Shoot A Rock Star | Co.Create: Creativity \ Culture \ Commerce

The Week In Photography 13th May 2012

Here’s what caught my attention on the Internet in the past week on photography:

Adobe releases iPad versions of “Collage” & “Proto” apps

20 Stunning Images That Show How Magical The Apple Store Can Really Be [Gallery] | Cult of Mac

Facebook Rolls Out File-Sharing for All Groups [EXCLUSIVE]


The Week in Photography 6th May 2012

Here’s what caught my eye on the Internet this week about photography:

7 Myths About Portfolio Reviews Debunked

CameraBag2: Photo Editing

How to Use White Balance Creatively

How To Photograph the Perfect Lightning Photo

Blurred Background Photography

Wood Camera: yet another iPhone camera app, but with some unique twists

Gadget Bag: Anatomy Of The Polarizer

Who needs Instagram: Photographer uses more traditional fisheye technique to capture extraordinary landscapes of America

Panoramic Photography to the Extremes – PictureCorrect

Amazing black and white photography by Julius Tjintjelaar

Five Easy Tips for Better Indoor Architectural Photography

12 Promises Every Landscape Photographer Should Make

Over The Top Orb With A Telescope Mount & A Drill

How To Take Your Landscape and Nature Photography to The Next Level

Christian Stoll Photographer

The Amazing Infrastructure That Powers IBM, Microsoft, And GE

Trigger Your Camera 12 Different Ways With Triggertrap’s New App


This Week in Photography 29th April 2012

Here’s what caught my attention on photography on the Internet this week:

A Broken Polaroid Camera Spits Out Amazing Abstract Art | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

10 Unmissable Apps for Ipad and Iphone Photographers

Acorn, a great Mac image editor, built for humans.

Exposure is a VERY Personal Thing! | BH Insights


The Week in Photography 22nd April 2012

Here’s what caught my eye on the web this week:

Magnifi Brings Your iPhone Camera Closer to Microscopes, Telescopes

12 Problems that Photo Assistants Are Expected to Solve

The Daily Edit – Friday 4.20.12

645 PRO app for iPhone offers access to uncompressed camera output (but not Raw)

Pentax and Ricoh Announce Integration of Consumer Camera Products

Make Lego Movies The Easy Way With The New Movie Maker App | Co.Create: Creativity \ Culture \ Commerce

645 PRO could be a “game changer” for many iPhone photographers

Your Social Media Success Toolkit: 10 Must-Have Resources


The Week in Photography 15th April 2012

Here’s what caught my eye on the web this week on photography

How A Photographer Made A Van Into A Camera | Co.Create: Creativity \ Culture \ Commerce

Photoshop CS6 Beta: What Makes This Update Great

How to Export Your Instagram Photos Before Facebook Ruins Everything

Shooting in London on the 5D Mark III with Iscorama 36 1.5x anamorphic

A Comparitive Review of Snapseed and CameraBag 2

Nikon in space: new NightPod intelligent tripod compensates for motion when taking images from space


The Week in Photography 8th April 2012

Here’s what caught my eye on photography on the Internet this week:

Hard Light and Soft Glass: The Dirty Diana

Using a Variable Neutral Density Filter for Cleaner Coastal Photography

Selling Your Photographs Through Stock Libraries: A Primer

3 Critical Insights Into Creativity From Jonah Lehrer’s “Imagine” | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

27 Effective Photographic Uses of Symmetry