Infrared on the Land, IR Photography of the Rural Landscape

Over the last month I’ve been doing a lot of photography out in the country. Some of this has been of wild areas but much of it has beenĀ  the rural farm country. I shot with my converted for infrared Canon 350D digital camera, mostly with either my Canon 100-400mm L series lens or with […]

After the Fires, an Infrared Photography Series Dedicated to Resilience and Recovery, Part 1

The Black Saturday bushfires in central Victoria occurred on the 7th of February, 2009. The day had temperatures that peaked at 46.4 degrees Celsius (115.5 Fahrenheit) and very high winds.

January Infrared Photography of the Australian Landscape

While in Central Victoria I shot some more infrared landscape images. A day spent in Central Victoria with a number of cameras gave me a chance to shoot with my infrared converted Canon 350D. It was great relaxation after testing some other cameras. You can see some of the bushfire affected IR images I shot […]