ThinkTank Photo December Competition Winner and Finalists – Pet Photography

We are pleased to announce the winner and show all the finalists in the December pet photography competition.
The prize for the November competition is the Lens Changer 75 prize valued at US$32.95.

The Lens Changer 75 can go on your belt or a harness system and will hold a large 80-200 f2.8 or similar sized lens, with the lenshood attached, or several smaller lenses. It is ideal for putting the lenses you need readily to hand when working a location without being bulky or limiting your mobility.

A large number of great entries made this a hard competition to judge but in the end we got it worked out.

We are pleased to award the prize for this competition to Gary Martin of the United Kingdom for histwo entries, but in particular the entry of his pet mouse. Not only did this stand out as the only non-dog or cat image, but it is also sharp where it needs to be, well posed and lit.

Gary Martin photography

You can view all the finalists in the pet photography competition gallery.

Congratulations to all the finalists.

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