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Podcasting Pocket Guide

If you are thinking about podcasting and want to read a small, yet authorative book, this is the one. Podcasting Pocket GuideBy Kirk McElhearn, Richard Giles & Jack D. HerringtonO’Reilly Media, 2006ISBN: 0-596-10230-5 Tempted by podcasting but don’t know what you need to know to do it? Not ready to dive into a heavy but […]

Flash 8, The Missing Manual

A fantastic book to learn Flash from. Flash 8, The Missing ManualBy E.A. Vander VeerPogue Press, O’Reilly, 2006ISBN: 0 596 10137 6 The Missing Manual books are, from my observations, universally the best books I have seen on a given topic, when you are looking for a real understanding of how to use a piece […]

Online Payment Companies Work Together

FASTLANE Secure Payments and Business Payment Systems, Inc Announce Agreement to do Business Together Press Release FASTLANE, a new payment network, today announced the signing of an agreement to do business with Business Payment Systems, Inc (BPS) of New York. The alliance provides BPS merchants access to add FASTLANE Debit services to their existing methods […]

Break the Webmaster Bottleneck: Managing Content with a CMS

Brook Group’s content management system, Tacklebox, prevents major legal and communication problems, revolutionizing Web site creation and maintenance. Press Release Tacklebox, a content management system (CMS) from Brook Group, revolutionizes Web site creation and maintenance. While managing Web content often compares to herding cats, Tacklebox simplifies and streamlines the process. ( A CMS increases efficiency […]

Macromedia Announce MAX Winners

Airservices Australia and Tequila lead Australian success at the 2005 MAX Awards Press Release Macromedia today announced the winners of the 2005 MAX Awards, whichrecognise the top digital experiences built with Macromediatechnology.    The judges at MAX 2005 selected Airservices Australia as the winner inthe ‘government experience’ category for its ‘Flying Around’project.  Created by Airservices […]

Designing Web Sites for an International Audience

Jacob Nielson’s site offers some good advice Jakob Nielson’s web useability site has a new alert article on thedesign of web sites to suit an international audience. Definitely someuseful points in here. isdedicated to providing useful information of web useability andeffective web site design principles. There is a free newsletter alertof when new […]

PC Cleaner

PC Cleanser Now Offered as Part of Software Bundle with Antivirus Email Subscription Press Release Antivirus Email, a consumer products company offering subscriptione-mail and ISP services, also offers a suite of privacy protectionsoftware that includes PC Cleanser software from Logical Innovations.The entire bundle is free to users with a monthly subscription toAntivirus Email. PC Cleanser […]

Privacy Policies for Web Sites

Having an effective privacy policy can be a key to a successful web site. A requirement for many web sites these days is a privacy policy. Inmany parts of the world government regulations affect the collection,storage and communication of information about individuals. There arealso international treaties affecting these areas. Many web sites collect some sort […]