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What Photographers Really Need For Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner now that we have survived the apocalypse. Photographers everywhere will get all sorts of goodies on Christmas morning, or Christmas Eve, depending on the traditions in play. But most will not get what they really need for Christmas.   What photographers really need for Christmas is time. Yes, time. Not […]

The Photographic Seeing Exercise

In truth, photography is nothing to do with the gear you use, your mastery of exposure and any fancy post-processing. Photography is about seeing, pure and simple. There are an infinite number of images surrounding you at this very moment, if you can see them. Improving your ability to see images is key to developing […]

Experiments with the Jux Blogging Platform

There’s a new blogging site in town, jux.com, and it is worth a look. Jux provides an interesting, new approach to blogging. I’ve started experimenting with it and you can see the results at digitalimagemaker.jux.com. What makes Jux interesting for photographers is the approach with images. The idea is to make them full screen or full […]

Photoshelter Have a Great Little Free eBook on Promoting Yourself with Photobooks

Photoshelter have a variety of educational material to assist photographers. One is a little 23-page PDF eBook on Marketing Yourself With Photo Books that is well worth giving them an email address to receive. This is a fruitful area for photographers (and other creatives) and this book is well worth the read. Photoshelter’s other free […]

Google’s Art Project

Google has launched its Art Project, an ambitious project to bring the art works of the world’s galleries and museums onto the web in deep zoomable, detailed form. Currently Art Project has work from the following institutions on show: Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin – Germany Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian, Washington DC – USA The Frick […]

The Keys to getting the most out of photography and art study

Many students doing a photography or fine art study program fail completely to get out of it all they could. Here is how to improve on this. During the course of a semester of study, students are caught up in the tasks of note taking and doing projects/assignments. This dominates all thinking: the looming deadlines […]