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E Ink

E Ink Corporation makes electronic paper display devices Photos and the press releases later in this article supplied by E Ink Corporation. E Ink is the company probably furthest along in the alternativedisplay/print technology area, in terms of getting real products intothe marketplace, at least. Electronic Ink is a clever use of existingtechnology rather than […]

Kodak Looses a Lot of Money

Third quarter financial results are not positive for Kodak In the third quarter Kodak sales went up by 5%. However, it getsinteresting when you examine the breakdown. Digital products andservices rose by 47%, which is a great result. However traditionalproduct revenue fell by 20% in the quarter. In total, Kodak lostUS$1.029 Billion in the quarter. […]

Printable Displays for the Moving Image

Siemens shows color display technology that can be printed onto various surfaces and can display a moving image. At the Plastics Electronics trade fair in Frankfurt this month, Siemensdemonstrated small color displays that can be printed using commercialprinting processes onto paper and plastics. These very low costdisplays will come to market in 2007. The material […]

Latest Jakob Nielsen Alertbox Looks at User Interface Developments

A change is coming in user interface design. In Jakob Nielsen’s latest alertbox he discusses the end of the WYSIWYGusere interface design and the development of a new one. He argues thatthe upcoming Microsoft Office 12 demonstrates this new mode of workingand does so effectively. It is an interesting article and well worth reading. Go […]

Apple iPhone a yawn

The new Apple/Motorola mobile/cell phone does not impress The new Motorola ROKR cell phone with iTunes really fails to impressme. It only handles 100 songs and also it is based on a fairlyuninspiring phone. All a bit of a yawn. My new cell phone, the SonyEricsson K750i plays music and takes a Sony Memory Stick […]

What the New Canon Releases Mean, Part 2

Canon’s Point and Shoot Cameras In the point and shoot digital area, Canon have many more competitorsthan in dSLRs. Many of these are highly effective companies producinggreat products. The latest releases from Canon build on an already strong range. TheElph (IXUS) models have always been a favorite and the new releasesexpand the offerings in this […]

Unsuitable for Podcasts

Many MP3 players lack certain features that make then useable for listening to podcasts, seminars and other long material The shift to MP3 players as replacements or additions to CD players,either portable or in cars and homes, offers many real advantages.However many of these devices are quite unsuitable when it comes tolistening to podcasts, seminar […]

Time for a Shake-up in Patent Law

With the European rejection of changes to their patent law to cover software patents, perhaps it is time for a re-think worldwide The massive vote against a proposedchange to patent law in Europe to create a single approach to patentingsoftware means that perhaps all countries should reconsider theirpatent law on software, at the very least. […]

So what is Digital Fine Art?

A thoughtful article on what is digital fine art. In the interests of stimulating some debate, I propose to attempt toanswer this question and then encourage you to email us yourreactions/feelings/ideas for publication. I would define digital fine art as any art in which computer or digitaltechnology has been used in some part of the […]

Issues in Digital Camera Design

In this interview we talk to several people with a deep knowledge of digital camera design. While the interview is now two years old, the information in it is still highly relevant. As professional photography moves from being predominantly film basedto predominantly digital, many of us are struggling to come to termswith the key issues […]