Mullock Heaps of Creswick Through Infrared Photography

In the area around Creswick in central Victoria there are the often large remains of tailings from the gold mines that dotted the area in the 19th Century. These are called Mullock Heaps and mainly consist of overlying rock and quartz.

While to some these are a blot on the rural landscape, to a photographer they present many opportunities for photography. A recent trip there with my converted for infrared photography Canon 350D and a selection of lenses produced the images below. The camera used a custom white balance and I shot in RAW. These were processed in Adobe Camera RAW and then in Photoshop. Most had levels adjusted individually in each colour channel, a slight contrast improving curve and an increase in colour vibrancy.

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Sony Ramps Up Full Frame Pressure with a New dSLR Model

Sony is working aggressively on its camera range with three new camera models. One of these, the a850, is a full frame model that uses the same sensor as the a900, giving a 24.6MP image but at a price point of US$2,000 for the body only. This makes it about US$700 less than the Canon 5D Mark II and Sony’s own a900. It shows how serious Sony is in building market share. All a900 accessories will work with the a850. Continue reading “Sony Ramps Up Full Frame Pressure with a New dSLR Model”