Making Images is Good for Your Health

For us creative types there is a real compulsion to create. Exercising our creativity is also a key to maintaining our balance and harmony.

A Lensbaby Fisheye image with the red/blue channels swapped

Since I hadn’t really been out shooting the way I like, in the country, for some time and since there are a lot of stresses at the moment (caused by some members of my wife’s family) I was really feeling the need to create. But not just create, also get out into nature. So yesterday I decided to take a health day and do spend a day by myself in the country.

I spent a whole day out, took the opportunity to catchup on a whole series of podcasts and take a lot of images. The result was a much happier, more balanced and centered Wayne ready to get back into some serious work. It was amazing what a day of shooting could do to restore my energy. Below are some of the results of the day’s shoot.

Another Lensbaby Fisheye shot from ground level to emphasise the animal jaw

Moving a bit gave me a different angle on the building
This old gold mining dredge made for a great location
A drag line was also run at this location

Another fisheye image
Another mullock heap from gold mining
At Gisborne I took this fisheye shot which I then used the Lens Distortion filter in Photoshop to adjust

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