The Rural Landscape Through Infrared Photography

Here is an assortment of landscape images I shot recently on my converted 350D.

Always keep an eye open for interesting signs
I always look for interesting contrasts between objects in the scene

The magic hour before sunset and after sunrise is still magick in IR
I also look for foreground/background tie ins or contrasts

You need to look closely in the landscape sometimes for interesting content, such as the building
Sometimes a location will yield several shots
This can be especially the case if you try verticals and horizontals
Wider angle shots can work nicely
As can detail shots of the same scene
Sometimes you can create interesting images from small details
Small towns often have interesting old buildings that have old signage on them
Rural town parks can often provide great locations

11 thoughts on “The Rural Landscape Through Infrared Photography”

  1. Sergio Davila Castellon

    Hi, Ursula:

    All your photos are beautiful, fine detail,good contrasts and clear images. Some of your gray and earth landscapes seem even poetic. You have done a terrific job!

    Sergio Davila Castellon

    1. Thanks Amanda.

      No I hadn’t seen those tutorials. Mind you from the hard sell I was expecting a set of steak knives as part of the deal when I got to the end of the page. Sadly, I hate this form of marketing and it tends to just put me off whatever is being sold that way, no matter how good it might be.

      Have you checked out all the free tutorials on my site?

      1. I know what you mean! But I guess it works – I just bought the book and the lessons. So far so good. I am really enjoying it.

        There’s a lot of techniques in here that I haven’t seen on your site, or anywhere else. I am quite pumped about this IR stuff now!!!

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