301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques

A great book for photographers and digital artists about inkjet printing and printers. 301 Inkjet Tips and TechniquesAn Essential Printing Resource for PhotographersBy Andrew DarlowThomson Course Technology PTR, 2008ISBN-10: 1-59863-204-3ISBM-13: 978-1-59863-204-0 This amazing book is aimed squarely at helping photographers with all those issues we have with inkjet printers and getting the results we want. […]

The Teamworking Pocketbook

A pocket sized guide to teambuilding and making teams work right. The Teamworking PocketbookBy Ian FlemingManagement Pocket Books, 1999ISBN: 190377621X This little 94-page book manages to pack a huge amount of sensible advice into a tiny package. It is organized as single pages on a single topic, with related topics gathered together into chapters. The […]

The E Myth Revisited – Why Most Small Businesses Donâ

The E Myth Revisited is a classic and must read book for people in business or considering getting started in business. The E Myth RevisitedWhy Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About ItBy Michael E. GerberHarperCollins, 1995ISBN: 0-88730-728-0 This is a classic book, even as a revised edition of the original The […]

iPhoto 6 – The Missing Manual

iPhoto is a great piece of software and this latest version covers lot of the bases a digital photographer needs. This book examines it all. iPhoto 6The Missing ManualBy David Pogue and Derrick StoryO’Reilly Media, 2006ISBN: 0-596-52725-X iPhoto comes with new Macs and is part of the iLife collection. But there is no written manual […]

Flickr Hacks – Tips & Tools for Sharing Photos Online

With so many using Flickr as one of their main ways to display their images, there is much need for a book like this. Flickr Hacks Tips & Tools for Sharing Photos OnlineBy Paul Bausch & Jim BumgardnerO’Reilly Media, 2006ISBN: 0-596-10245-3 This book should appeal to Flickr users from just beyond the rank beginner to […]

FileMaker Pro 8 – The Missing Manual

FileMaker is one of the most useful programs to all sorts of computer users. It is just off most people’s radar. This book should help to make it more accessible. FileMaker Pro 8The Missing ManualBy Geoff Coffey & Susan ProsserO’Reilly Media, 2005ISBN: 0-596-00579-2 So many of us need to track information in one way or […]

iPod & iTunes – The Missing Manual, Fourth Edition

The iPod is less intuitive in some ways than you might expect and this book aims to bring you up to speed very quickly on the power of the iPod. iPod & iTunesThe Missing Manual, Fourth EditionBy J.D. BiersdorferO’Reilly Media, 2006ISBN: 0-596-52675-X For those new to the iPod experience, this book sets out to fill […]