Impressions of Light Book Review

Impressions of Light Photographs by William Neill Impressions of Light was published in 2008 in book form. I found it recently as an eBook from William’s website and bought it. The ebook comes as two PDFs, one that preserves the spread design of the paper book, the other as individual pages. It is the latter […]

Painting With Light Book Review

Painting With Light: Light Art Performance Photography By JanLeonardo Woellert and Joerg Miedza Rocky Nook, Santa Barbara ISBN: 978-1-933952-74-1 The Painting With Light book is a documentation of a body of work and a process of creation that is interesting and extending of the bounds of photography. This is not a how to book. Rather […]

How To Win Photo Competitions – An eBook Review

How To Win Photo Competitions is an eBook it was about time somebody wrote, and who better that Peter Eastway, who has not only won many competitions at the highest levels but has also judged so many competitions himself. How To Win Photo Competitions By Peter Eastway eBook, 2011 A$49.95 The ninety page eBook not […]

Experimental Digital Photography Book Review

Experimental Digital Photography By Rick Doble Lark Photography Books, 2010 ISBN 978-1-60059-517-2 Rick Doble’s Experimental Digital Photography is a timely and excellent book for loosening people up and helping them to break out. The book focuses on the more expressive and creative forms of photography, from using slow shutter speeds and creating extreme blur to […]

Ansel Adams for the iPad App Review

The app is a collaboration between Little, Brown and Company, the publisher and the Ansel Adams Trust. It sells for US$13.99 in the US App Store and does not seem to be available in international App Stores, at least at present. The app brings together 40 images excerpted from Andrea Stillman’s Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs […]

The Ebook Ebook – Book Review

The Ebook Ebook By Michael Booth ISBN: 9788461440054 An eBook about eBooks seems an oxymoron, but isn’t, at least in this case. For this is an eBook about the whys and wherefores of producing eBooks, and given the rate at which things are changing in this field an eBook makes more sense as it is […]

iPhone Application Development for Dummies Book Review

It you are considering getting into writing apps for the iPhone, this excellent book is the one to get. iPhone Application Development for Dummies 2nd Edition By Neal Goldstein Wiley Publishing, Indianapolis, 2010 ISBN: 978-0-470-56843-9 This well written and planned book takes you through the details of iPhone app development by using easy to understand […]

Starting an iPhone Application Business for Dummies Book Review

Starting an iPhone Application Business for Dummies is part of the brilliant for Dummies series that covers pretty much everything. The book covers what you need to get your head around to setup a proper iPhone business and get it right from the start. Starting an iPhone Application Business for Dummies By Aaron Nicholson, Joel […]

Book + Art – A book that covers making artist books

Dorothy Simpson Krause’s latest book is a gem. Not specifically about digital processes, but a gem never the less. It is a book about how to make your own artist books. It covers a whole range of techniques and applications and is illustrated bya great selection of artist books.