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When Photography Crosses Into Art

Photography is sometimes art and art sometimes uses photography. But what is the determining factor? The answer is that photography is art when it mirrors contemporary art concerns. So just what do I mean by that? Well tough as it might sound, contemporary art moved beyond just being beautiful or representational back with surrealism, futurism, […]

Graphicdesign.com Analyses Pricing On Adobe Monthly Membership Options

Graphicdesign.com breaks down Adobe Creative Cloud’s new pricing plan. Rafiq Elmansy discusses the pros and cons – is the Creative Cloud membership worth it? Or should consumers continue to pay one-time fees? Dallas, TX (PRWEB) June 05, 2012 Members of the graphic design community may know about the rollout of Adobe Creative Cloud. With monthly […]

What The Fuck Is Wrong With HP (and Everyone Else)

HP is a company I have always loved, whose products are well engineered and who have some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley. So just what has got into HP and all the other computer makers, except Apple? The recent news that HP has dropped the TouchPad a month after the US release and […]

Android Looking More Like a Good Platform to Develop For (or Has Apple Crossed to the Darkside)

An article from today on Fast Company presents some really interesting information about smart phone takeup rates and market penetration, so I recommend you go to the article and look it over. It has me thinking about many things to do with the iPhone and iPad. What it shows is that while smart phones are […]

Sony’s New dSLR Models

A couple of days ago I attended a press event by Sony where there were many interesting discussions about Sony’s cameras and future. Sony’s current dSLR line-up is the A700, A350 and A200. There is also an A300 in some markets. The A700 is the oldest model in the range and the first all Sony […]

Technology Futures’ Top 19 Technology Trends for 2008

For the fourth year running, Technology Futures, Inc. (TFI) provides a list of forward-looking trends for the coming year that will have great consequence to those involved with global business, technology business process, science and universities, government agencies, federal labs, corporate labs, and technology savvy consumers. Press Release  Commenting on the list, author David Smith […]

A Lunch with Nikon

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at a press event held by Nikon here in Australia. It was a most interesting and surprising afternoon. The event was based around allowing members of the local photography press to get an initial hands-on with the new D3 and the D300, as well as the recently new Coolpix models. […]

The Landscape Within and Without: Similarities between landscape photography and fractals

Using his extensive experience with both landscape photography and fractal image creation, Wayne examines the parallels and draws some interesting conclusions. For over 35 years I have taken landscape photographs. For over 20 years I have explored fractal landscapes. Whilst on the surface they appear to be so totally different, I do not believe this […]

The Old and The New

A workshop led me to consider the mixing of the old and the new in photography. This is one of the things I really love about photography, there are no rules really and you are free to mix processes and techniques to get what. Yesterday I spent a very enjoyable day doing a workshop in […]